Apple Mail Plugins and Tools

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What is this place?
A repository of plug-ins and tools that extend the functionality of Apple Mail.

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MailButler - Your personal assistant for Apple Mail: follow-up, email tracking, email scheduling, email to note, etc.
InfoClick - powerful and granular search tool for Apple Mail email.
MailFlow - fixes Mail to send clean plain text messages using format=flowed (f=f).
MailWrap - making it easier to compose well-formed and correctly wrapped plain text messages.
From Amigo - Chooses/suggests the correct from address, based on an email's recipient, and your sending history (10.9.4 req.)
ReplyWithHeader - Adds functionality to customise the reply/quote format/message
GPGMail - GPGMail plugin for Apple Mail
Delete2Archive - Remap DELETE key to ARCHIVE in Apple Mail for better Gmail folder compatibility.
MailPluginFix - Utility to fix Apple Mail plugin compatibility issues [UTILITY].
NoFlaggedMailbox - Remove the Flagged mailbox from Apple Mail Mountain Lion [10.8.4-compatible].
DesktopOne - spam filter for and Outlook 2011.
Emoticons - Easily add emoticons to outgoing emails.
ComposeIT - Toolbox to enhance composing and replying to messages in Apple Mail.
Attachment Tamer - provides increased control over attachment handling in Apple Mail.
DockStar - Add badges to the Mail dock icon and clickable indicators to the menu bar. DockStar lets you keep track of email in various accounts and folders, RSS feeds, Notes, and To Do items.
MailHub - (BETA 1.2B36) Helps you organize your email more efficiently
AttachmentsMenu - Indexes all Apple Mail messages that contain attachments and offers access to them via the menu-bar
Meta - Harness spotlight right inside Mail (custom keywords-driven smart folders) for better email management
FlaggedMails - Helps you to keep track of your flagged emails via the menubar
Universal Mailer - Assists with solving sending email issues such as inline attachments/images, and configuring the default font for outgoing messages.
Growl Mail - (10.7 ONLY) Apple Mail plug-in for growl notification system
Mail Clips - Copy attributes of multiple mail messages, add sender addresses to Address Book and more
Letter Opener - Access Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat files (commercial)
MailRecent - Adds "Copy to Recent" and "Move to Recent" menu items to the Message menu
MailFollowup - Adds a "Follow Up" item to a Message and contextual menus, maintaining the original To, CC and BCC fields
Herald - A new Apple Mail plug-in by Erik Hinterbichler which provides Growl-like notifications of new mail
Eaglefiler - File your mail and other things (commerical)
SpamSieve - Spam filter (commerical)
Signature Profiler - Enables control of Apple Mail's signature-selection behaviour
Mail Act-On - Keyboard organization for Apple Mail.
MailTags - (PR1 10.7-ONLY) Better organization of email in Apple Mail
QuoteFix - Position the cursor below the original message instead of above it
MsgFiler - (partial support) Brings keyboard-driven quick filing of email to Apple Mail

Mac OS X 10.6 - Snow Leopard-compatible plug-ins
Unsubscribe - Adds ubsubscribe button to Apple Mail; uses's unsubscribe service
Related Mail - Display related messages to viewed email
mBoxMail - Hotmail in Apple Mail
Mail Perspectives - Compact view of your email
Mailboxer - Smart Mailboxes for your contacts in Apple Mail
Mail2iCal - Generates an iCal event or todo item out of the selected email in Apple Mail
MailHub - Helps you organize your email more efficiently
MsgFiler - Brings keyboard-driven quick filing of email to Apple Mail
MessageFont - Configure default font for Rich Text messages
TruePreview - Customize Apple Mail message status behaviour
Mailtabs - Add Safari-style tabs to Apple Mail!
GPGmail - Encrypt and/or authenticate email
Archive - Adds a keyboard shortcut and toolbar button for easy archiving of selected messages

Confirmed OS X 10.5.x Leopard-compatible plug-ins
Flagit! - Labels and colored flags for Apple Mail (beta)
Letterbox - Vertical columns for Apple Mail
HTTPmail - Hotmail and MSN access for Apple Mail
Related Mail - Display related messages to viewed email
Growl Mail - Apple Mail plug-in for growl notification system
WideMail - Provides wide-format view option
MiniMail - Process mail from a tiny window (commercial)
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner - Eudora to Apple Mail migration tool
Attachment scanner - Avoid the embarrassment of missing attachments
WideMail - A wider view of your email in Apple Mail
MailAppetizer - Email notification (beta)

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger only
IMAP-IDLE - Adds IMAP-IDLE support for Tiger, Mail 3.0 handles IDLE